Vehicle Inspection vehicle examiner trainingIn 2009 Wayman received accreditation from IMI Awards to run Level 4 training in forensic vehicle examination.  We launched our iFav (Inspection and Forensic Analysis of Vehicles) course on the back of several years instructing on the BTech equivalent.

Feedback from the BTech course was that its direction was too biased towards the dismantling and repair of vehicles.  What was desired was a course that would instruct in the forensic analysis of defects more than the ability to act like a mechanic.

When looking for a regulating authority to validate the course Wayman elected to approach IMI Awards.  With its origins in the training of personnel for the motor trade and closely aligned with its sister organization the Institute of the Motor Industry, this organization provided the most relevant accreditation of our course. This has recently been born out by the fact that City & Guilds no longer recognises a Forensic Vehicle Examiner’s course.

IFav is primarily designed for Police Officers to learn the skills of a forensic vehicle examiner.  We are able to run the course at either remote location or in purpose built vehicle examination hangers in Dorset.  If you need officers trained in these skills please call us or contact us to discuss our excellent syllabus and how we can help you best prepare your officers to be forensic vehicle examiners.