Human Factors In Medicine training TRMThe occurrence of Human Factors failings within the medical community continues to be not only a drain on financial resources through litigation but a blight on the good name of the British medical profession.  Wayman have an ongoing program of bespoke Human Factors training for the medical industry.  Through analytical review of procedures and targeted training Wayman can help reduce the risk of repetition of failings as well as mitigate against future events.

Our Human Factors training has it origins in the aviation industry where a deep-rooted culture of Human Factors and Performance analysis has existed for some time.  Evidence has proven that the majority of aviation incidents are caused by human error.  So highly valued is it that Human Factors training in the aviation sector has become a regulatory requirement with training being conducted annually.

Wayman firmly believe that a similar approach in medicine could dramatically reduce exposure to litigationand improve patient care.  Unlike other providers, Wayman’s method is to avoid the use of irrelevant aviation anecdotes preferring to tailor our courses to individual medical specialisations be they surgery or ED medicine.

If you have a requirement for Human Factors training or would just like to find out more about the approach at Wayman please email or call us on the number above.