John Bullas Road surface and tyre friction expertDr John Bullas is an Expert in road surface characteristics and tyre/road surface interface. He graduated in 1991 with a Masters in Geotechnical Engineering and then progressed to a PhD in 2007 for work to better understand the dry frictional behavior of the latest bituminous road surfaces.

John has worked in the Highways sector since 1987 and has been employed as a professional researcher for periods throughout that time.




John describes his approach to his work as inquisitive and open minded. He is confident enough to understand that one never stops learning and strives to constantly enhance his knowledge. He joined Wayman’s in 2015 and has demonstrated his enthusiasm to apply his knowledge and experience more directly. He has typically fielded investigations where large claims have been made for clear up operations that have been mishandled and assisted our collision investigators where road surface friction has been a key element of the broader investigation.

Since entering the arena of road surface characteristics and tyre/road surface interface, John has achieved numerous further qualifications and memberships, among them the following;

Member: Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation

Member: Institute of Asphalt Technologists

BSc: Geology

MSc: Geotechnical Engineering
PhD: Civil Engineering, dry road friction Post-doctoral level researcher.

John lives on the Solent and when he is not engaged in road surface matters he enjoys playing with original Minis and time with his family.

You can download John’s CV here; john-bullas-cv