Managing Director Oggs wayman

Oggs Wayman
Managing Director

Wayman is a family company with our origins in forensic collision investigation.  We have built a reputation for professionalism in this community and have consequently earned a large and ever growing client database.  Our work has branched out into other fields such as Fleet Analysis for global logistics companies and auditing for major travel operators, as well as rapid reaction investigations globally.

Wayman have recently moved into the provision of all expert witnesses but, rather than charge headlong into recruiting any expert, we have remained true to the values that have proven so successful in our Road Traffic Accident Investigation work. By so doing you can be sure to get the same quality from all of our experts you have come to expect from Wayman.  Whilst our list of associates is not exhaustive it is growing, but always remaining within the values below.  We have recently added Chris Palmer (Tachograph Analysis), Clive Gregory (Fire Investigation)  and Kevin Crookes (CCTV analysis).



It is our aspiration that our customers identify us with the following values:

  • Absolute credibility and professionalism at all stages of our instruction from you.
  • The highest standard of service.
  • Complete reliabilty.
  • Value for money.