We are always keen to hear from experts in our core skills of Collision Investigation and Vehicle Examination as well as experts from the wider Forensic community.

Collision Investigators and Vehicle Examiners

At Wayman we hand pick all our experts. We are always keen to hear from ex police officers qualified in collision investigation.  We are particularly keen to take into associateship candidates who are both collision investigation and vehicle examination qualified (dual skilled).

Once you embark the process of acceptance as an associate with Wayman you will commence an induction process.  The purpose of this is to identify if you are suitable as one of our experts.  The process is not too onerous and is designed to protect our reputation and therefore the business.  Consequently successful completion of the process is recognition of the fact that we can confidently have you represent our name.

Other Forensic Experts

We are always keen to hear from expert witnesses interested in coming into associateship with Wayman.  Whilst we understand that some may be wary of another “middle man”, we have much to offer.  Our client base already trusts us to provide high quality collision investigation expertise.  We are spreading the message that we are now able to provide the same level of diligence in other areas.  If you are new to the world of the Expert Witness or just disgruntled with your current method for attracting instructions we would love to hear from you.  Call us today to discuss the benefits of associateship with Wayman.