Expert Testimonial wayman forensic expertsAt Wayman we are always pleased to receive testimonials for our work.  We pride ourselves on allying the best experts with the best customer service.  Below are some examples of the praise we frequently receive;


R v Whitehorn 

Over the two trials in which Mr Burgess gave evidence I was impressed with his impartial yet focused opinion. In a highly emotive and distressing case he was able to address the central issues in dispute and discuss with prosecution experts his new findings which ultimately resulted in both prosecution witnesses conceeding that his opinions were correct and reliable.   I will definitely recommend him in future cases.

Alex Taylor-Camara | Barrister | Garden Court Chambers
57-60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, LONDON, WC2A 3LJ
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R v Tansley
 Walthamstow Magistrates Court 

Simon Lane completed a through report on a case which was hard to defend. However the devil is in the detail and although the Crown did not accept his report, the hastily completed prosecution report failed to add anything further leading to a successful acquittal for a professional driver. Simon’s input was invaluable and crucial to the case.


Mr Ron Ruston

Kennedys LLP

Kennedys Chelmsford office 01245 299730, Fax: 01245 299731


Motoring Offence Lawyers R v Bayford

I recently needed a vehicle examination and accident report to be prepared for a case that my firm had taken on at short notice and instructed Roly Hockenhull of Waymans. My client had been accused of careless driving having collided with a vehicle in front of him. He maintained that the accident had occurred due to a fault with his brakes which he was unaware of having only bought the vehicle a few weeks before.

The police had obtained a report from their own collision expert and I was only instructed on the case around 6 weeks before the trial. Wayman Consultants provided everything that was required in spite of the short timescale involved. I was delighted with the service they provided. They were approachable and helpful at all times and the report prepared was excellent.

After considering the report prepared by Mr Hockenhull the prosecution agreed to withdraw the case against my client on the day of trial.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Wayman Consultants to anyone who needs a collision investigation expert.

Matthew Miller

Solicitor & Director

Motoring Offence Lawyers

Direct line: 0161 241 3322

Freephone: 0800 4334 678

Fax: 0844 251 1232



Large & Gibson R v Bailey

l confirm that last Friday afternoon the jury returned a not guilty verdict for my client in Lewes Crown Court. This was a great team effort and l am most grateful to Wayman & specifically to Mr Burgess for his professionalism, help and support throughout the trial process.

I would have no hesitation in using Wayman/ Mr Burgess again and recommending your services to my clients and  professional colleagues.


Peter Dymock LL.B


QualitySolicitors Large & Gibson

49 Kent Road | Portsmouth | Hampshire | PO5 3EJ

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Saunders Law R v Blott

I instructed Dave Burgess of Waymans to prepare a crash reconstruction report in a driving without due care case. A tricky enough case, this was further complicated by the lack of information from the Police and Prosecution. So we were essentially starting from scratch.

The service I received for my client has been first rate. From the point of initial instruction, the scene examination and subsequent report and supporting materials, through to the attendance at court for the trial I only have positive comments to make. This was an utterly professional and slick team who made all the difference to my client’s case.

I would not hesitate to instruct this company again.

Hannah Sampson

Saunders Law Ltd, DX 37995 Kingsway

0207 632 4300


Potter Shelley R v Llewelyn Jones

Wayman Consultant Mr Roly Hockenhull

As a Partner in a specialist criminal defence firm since we were first recommended to use Wayman Forensic Experts we rarely use any other expert

Waymans are always conscious of the constraints of legal aid and deal with matters promptly and efficiently leading to the best possible outcomes for our clients.

I have no hesitation in recommending Waymans to other Firms and I am sure once they have used their services they will feel the same.

David Potter


24 High Street
PE29 3TD

Tel No: 01480 459531
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Paris Smith R v Doswell

When they instituted Proceedings, the CPS believed that this was a simple case of a youth ignoring a red light, even though our client was adamant that he had not, we always knew it was going to be difficult to prove.

As a result of the contentions of our client, we instructed the Wayman Consultancy to attend the site and prepare a report.  This they undertook very quickly, giving us a clear and concise report showing that the picture painted by the Police Officer concerned could not have been accurate taking account of the road conditions and position of the vehicles.

Through the use of the report, the CPS eventually accepted that the Prosecution could not proceed.  The speed and accuracy in the preparation of the report, and the presentation certainly went a long way towards assisting our client obtain a not guilty verdict and a Defence Costs Order.

Paris Smith LLP

t: 023 8048 2482
f: 023 8063 1835


Geoff White Solicitors R v Mitchell

Wayman Consultant Mr Dave Burgess

Having instructed Wayman Ltd. to conduct a collision investigation and vehicle examination, the company has provided a service which can only be described as professional, methodical and of top quality throughout. Dave Burgess, Wayman’s Principal Consultant, has produced a report which clearly displays his extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of collision investigation and vehicle examination. His attention to detail and ability to scrutinize the findings and opinions of other investigators is commendable and truly shows the extent of his skills. I was also very satisfied with the quality of Mr Burgess’ report and it is clear that he is an investigator of the highest order. I would not hesitate to instruct Wayman Ltd. again in the most important of collision investigations, as every aspect of their service has been of an extremely high calibre. They have successfully managed to combine impeccable professional knowledge and standards with a personable and polite service. I am grateful for the hard work and dedicated service provided throughout these proceedings. Wayman’s expertise has undoubtedly assisted our client’s case

Mr Anthony Gayle

Geoff White Solicitors

01293 776916

Gotelee Solicitors R v Dawson 

Wayman Consultant Mr Roly Hockenhull

My client was in serious difficulty, facing a charge of dangerous driving (s.2 RTA 1988) namely that he drove through a red light on a railway crossing causing significant damage and also placing passengers on board the train at risk.    I contacted Carol Wayman at the Wayman Consultancy on 3 August.  A consultant Roly Hockenhull was appointed on 4 August.   A site meeting took place on 5 August.   A summary of findings was received on 6 August.   A Report including an album of photographic images and a dvd of video recordings made at the collision site, were received on 22 August.   Upon receipt of the report, CPS indicated that they would now accept a guilty plea to driving without due care and attention.   My client and I received wonderful service, the Report was incapable of challenge and it broke the back of the case.  I cannot recommend the Wayman Consultancy too highly.

Jonathan Ripman
Secretary to Hugh Rowland and Jonathan Ripman
T: 01473 298154
F: 01473 230387

Chadwick Lawrence

Wayman Consultant Mr Dave Burgess

I have just read the report provided by Mr Burgess.  I have to say it is one of the most thorough reports I have read in my 5 years as a solicitor.

Please pass on my comments and appreciation to Mr Burgess.

Kind regards,
Oliver Marns

Wakefield Dispute Resolution Dept
Chadwick Lawrence LLP

Tel: 01924 379 078
DDI: 01924 234 219
Fax: 01924 383 373

Clarke Willmott Testimonial

We are very grateful to Wayman Consultancy for your excellent report and the care and trouble you spent generally in this matter. Your report made all the difference and in the end persuaded the CPS to decide that they did not want the proceedings against our client [for dangerous driving] to continue.

Yours faithfully

Michael Demidecki


Thank you for your report. I continue to be very impressed by the high level of professionalism that you bring to report writing.

Jamie Foster, Solicitor Advocate Clarke Willmott LLP

Gepp & Sons

Wayman Consultant Mr Mike Irwin

I am in receipt of your letter and thank you for your, as always, frank and realistic comments. They were most helpful and allowed me to proffer fairly sensible advice to my client, which he accepted.

I shall, of course, continue to use you in the future when the need arises. I thank you for your continued assistance.

Yours sincerely

P H Butterfield
Criminal Defence Service