Charlie Baker Senior Consultant North East England and Scottish Borders for Wayman Experts, accident investigators, vehicle examiners and forensic expert witnesses

Charlie Baker MITAI is a Forensic Vehicle Examiner and Collision Investigator. He is our Senior Consultant for North-East England and the Scottish Borders, following on from his 30 year career in the Metropolitan Police.

Charlie’s Roads Policing career began in 1992 with the entry level courses in Vehicle Examination and Collision Investigation when transferring into Traffic Division. He qualified at advanced level as a Forensic Vehicle Examiner for Fatal Collisions in 1999, and at advanced level as a Forensic Collision Investigator in 2001. He took up this vocation because of a hunger to learn the skills to search for the truth in fatal road collisions and thereby to assist the victim’s family with an impartial account of what happened, and to pursue justice through the courts, where appropriate. 

He left the Metropolitan Police after 30 years’ service in July 2017 from his full time role in the Collision Investigation Unit at Catford and relocated back to the North-East of England.

Charlie began working for Wayman Experts shortly after leaving the Met. He was attracted by the variety of work available within his fields of expertise – particularly in vehicle examination and its relationship to collision investigation. He enjoys taking things apart to find out if anything went wrong with a component!

His reports are clear and concise, with jargon-free explanations of complex components and fault diagnosis. He has a vast experience of presenting his findings at Crown, Magistrates’, Coroner’s and Civil courts. He is a Full Member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators.

Charlie describes himself as firm but fair with a slightly odd sense of humour, typical of those who have had a career in the Police. He is tenacious when investigating, always searching for the truth and not giving up until all reasonable aspects have been pursued.

Charlie is particularly interested in Vehicle Examination and design, especially where it may have a bearing upon Collision Investigation. His lifelong passion for his motorcycles and cars, which he has always maintained himself, has ensured he is always up-to-date with the latest technologies in vehicle design.

Charlie lives in rural Northumberland with his wife and they enjoy motorcycling, country walks and looking after their ducks. He is also an authority on Southern African history and politics, a part of the world that they explore regularly on their holidays.

They are members of their local church fellowship and are volunteers at a Christian homeless centre in Hexham.

Charlie’s Professional qualifications are as follows;

Full Membership of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (ITAI)

Summary of Qualifications and Experience:

  • Forensic Collision Investigation – Metropolitan Police Advanced Certificate
    • Forensic Vehicle Examiner – Advanced Level for Fatal Collisions
    • Class 1 Advanced Police Car Driver (1994) and Police Motorcyclist (1991)
    • City & Guilds – Advanced Certificate in vehicle examination
    • Analysis of damage and vehicle speed from crush damage at advanced level
    • Land survey techniques, electronic Total Station and Riegl Laser Scanner survey equipment
    • Photography skills course for Metropolitan Police Forensic Investigators
    • Autocrime Examiner for stolen vehicle identification
    • Vehicle Hydraulics and Electronics Course – Citroën Technical Training Unit
    • City & Guilds – Motor Vehicle Craft Studies 3 – compressed air brakes technology
    • Tachograph Legislation and Driver’s Hours – Level 2 examiner
    • City & Guilds – Driver’s Hours Recording Equipment – examination and calibration
    • City & Guilds – Standard Certificate in vehicle examination
    • In-car speed detection devices – Police Pilot
    • In-car video and ANPR computer systems – Provida
    • Hand held speed detection devices – Radar and Laser
    • Roadside Screening and Custody Evidential breath test devices and procedures
    • Full UK driving licence since 1985 for Motorcycles, Cars, Cars with trailers, Large Goods Vehicles, Minibuses up to 17 seats & Minibuses with trailers (Categories A, B, B+E, C, D1 & D1+E).