Fleet analysis wayman approachWayman are able to provide a high value approach to fleet analysis particularly with a view to collision reduction.  The benefits of such an approach are many but the most noteable are;

  • Reduction in cost of fleet vehicles being out of use whilst impounded
  • Reduction in cost due to fleet vehicle repair
  • Improved PR due to reduced negative exposure of liveried vehicles
  • Improved moral position of company due to reduction in both third party and company casualties.

Our approach comes from the unique position held by Wayman.  We combine knowledge drawn from the commercial aviation sector with our expertise in the field of Road Traffic Accident Investigation.  Crash rates within the developed world’s commercial aviation sector have steadily declined due mainly to training, cultural awareness and self-analysis.  When this approach is overlaid with the experiences of our collision investigators a valuable knowledge base is provided to assist in cultural change and training development with the target of collision reduction.

We combine this approach with an openness to technological enhancement to provide a total approach to collision reduction.  Our link up with Roadscan enables fleet operators to have video footage of collisions from 15 seconds before to 15 seconds after impact.  Much as with an air crash investigation, Roadscan can provide valuable telemetry data.  Once this is analysed and combined with collision investigation expertise a much clearer picture of the causal factors of collisions can be built up and consequently trained out.