Wayman have been, and continue to be frequently instructed by household name travel operators in two specific areas, auditing and post incident reaction and investigation.

Travel Operator Audits

Travel Operator Audits Wayman Experts global abilityWe can provide in depth analysis of travel operator audits to assist SHE managers in risk assessment and contract allocation.  Our ex Police experts seem to have a sixth sense for identifying poor safety procedure of maintenance schedules.  We then present the information in an easily quantifiable format and make recommendations regarding re-inspection of paperwork or whether we feel a snap physical audit would be beneficial.  If you have a requirement for thorough analysis of your transport providers anywhere in the world, either by paper audit or physical inspection please contact us to discuss the benefit of Wayman’s expertise in this area.

Post Incident Reaction

Wayman pride ourselves in our ability to deploy globally at short notice in order to react to a major travel operator incident.  Our can do attitude and high level of expertise makes us your number one choice when you need reliable information expeditiously.  We are very comfortable working in foreign countries and our experience dealing with foreign hauliers on the roads of the UK as police officers is invaluable from the point of view of making ourselves understood.

If you have had an incident abroad or at home, or you would like to discuss further our reactive capability please contact us via the menu above.