Trend Analysis Chart-Collision ReductionBy drawing on the knowledge of our collision investigators, Wayman have been able to identify the most common causal factors in a collision.  With these factors in mind we can either provide a call out facility for one of our Collision Investigators to attend the scene of a collision or we can train company managers in data harvest for review at a latter stage.  We encourage fleet operators to harvest evidence at the earliest opportunity by having a robust post collision reaction process.

Once the initial evidence harvest has taken place our collision investigators are able to analyse the data and identify where it fits within our list of causal factors.  Our continuing data gathering process allows us to compare data generally across UK fleet operations and more specifically within the operator’s own field.

In so doing we are able to identify the most common trends and delve deeper into these specific areas. We can then build a clear picture of what is going wrong and guide the training process to correct this.  If you have a requirement to reduce your collision rate or need a thorough review of what is causing incidents of serious collisions please do not hesitate to contact us.