Clive Gregory Forensic Fire Investigator

Mr Clive Gregory
Principal Fire Investigator

Mr Clive Gregory

Clive Gregory is a Forensic Fire Investigator and our Principal Consultant for the whole of the UK with 31 years experience in the Fire Service of which 12 years were as a Fire Investigator.  Clive was drawn to Fire Investigation whilst serving as an operational Fire Service Officer. He became intrigued with the detailed work required to interpret the physical evidence left in the aftermath of fire and the search for the truth leading to the origin of ignition. When Clive was given the opportunity to join the Fire Research and Investigation Department and become a specialist fire investigator he realised he had achieved his true vocation.



Since qualifying as a Fire Investigator, Clive has achieved numerous further qualifications and memberships, most notable of which are Graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers (GIFireE), Member of the Forensic Science Society (MISSoc), Diploma of Fire Science and Investigation( DipFSI), Member of the International  Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI),  Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (MBIPDT) (accelerant detector dogs). Having left the Fire Service, Clive has gone on to work as an independent Fire Investigator and Fire Investigation trainer as well as specializing in the field of Forensic Sniffer Dogs trained to assist in accelerant detection.

Clive was recommended to us by another of our Fire Investigators, Dave Myers, as his replacement.  Clive states, “I was introduced to Wayman by a colleague of long standing and was impressed by the professional manner in which the company promoted expertise in highly skilled fields of investigative work.” Clive has a particular expertise in working accelerant detector dogs over difficult fire scenes where levels of destruction and collapse have rendered the location (or elimination) of introduced fire accelerants an impossible task by normal means. The location of such evidence by trained sniffer dogs backed up by scientific analysis often contributes greatly to correctly identifying the origin and cause of arson.

Clive describes himself as a cheerful outgoing personality being confident and considerate and always prepared to listen to others. This combined with a determination to succeed under pressure.  His approach to his work is one of total dedication with a determination to arrive at the truth by the application of a systematic approach to witness evidence balanced with meticulous scene analysis.

Clive lives in the Midlands. In his spare time he enjoys the training and companionship of his canine working friends. He is also a lifelong angler and enjoys the challenges of deep sea fishing or casting a trout fly.  Clive Gregory CV