Our Fire Investigator Attends European Network for Fire Investigation and Prevention (ENFIP)

Our Principal Fire Investigator, Dave Myers, has recently returned from Seville, Spain where he took part in the ENFIP Working Group meeting. Dave is a key member of the ENFIP Working Group; this Group is responsible for the strategic direction and delivery of the ENFIP network

Forensic Fire Investigation MeetingENFIP came about after Dave submitted, on behalf of Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service, a funding application to European Commission Directorate-General for Environment under the 2006 Call for Proposals in Civil Protection. The proposal was to deliver a project that would collate and subsequently diseminate best practice in the prevention and investigation of arson across the European Community. The funding bid was successful and the resulting project was managed by Dave and delivered in partnership with Northumbria Police (UK) and Laboratoire Central de la Préfecture de Police (Paris, France). The project was named “European Exchange of Best Practice in Arson Prevention and Investigation”

One of the key objectives of the project was to develop a network where by Fire Investigation practitioners could share their knowledge with others in Europe. The European Network was developed and is now known as European Network for Fire Investigation and Prevention (ENFIP). This network currently has over 600 members across 33 European Member States.

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