Road Accident Investigation and More…

So there I was surfing through some of our clients’ websites when I noticed the Lexcel mark.  A bit of investigation reveals that this is recognition of the quality of a particular practice or embedded legal department.  Once again a light bulb moment, would it be possible to achieve this as a provider of forensic expert witnesses?  Needless to say this will cost money so I will be intrigued to see whether those practices that have this accreditation feel that they get value for money.

The question is what will it lend to the business.  If the amount of enquiries goes up much further we may find ourselves in a rather sweet predicament.  Given that we have built a reputation for quality, reliability and professionalism in the provision of our expert witnesses, we cannot afford to squander this by not having enough staff to cope with demand.  Long may this conundrum continue.

One of the more curious enquiries this week has involved sourcing a qualified electrician who is sufficiently experienced in both electrical installation and the legal process for us to have him represent the good name that is Wayman.  As usual we have turned to our network to source someone of sufficient calibre. Unsurprisingly we have sought out an ex police officer to take the case in question.  As we have come to expect of someone with this background he has reacted with discretion and speed and we look forward to including him in our Other Experts area in due course.

Meanwhile the core business of Road Traffic Accident Investigation continues a pace. We have been working hard to let clients know we have associated skills available now in tachograph analysis, fire investigation, CCTV analysis and impact biomechanics.  All these disciplines go hand in hand meaning we are able to handle any scenario.  Next step is to provide medicolegal expertise.  Given the government push on whiplash cases we are certain that we can save insurers thousands by desktop review of whiplash claims by a triumvirate of experts; a road accident investigator, an impact biomechanics expert and an orthopaedic surgeon.  We shall see!

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