The Origins of Road Traffic Collision Investigation Pt 1

The world of collision investigation has come a long way since the first traffic officers stood on the side of the road like Judge Dread and pontificated over who was wrong or right based solely on their experience.  Whilst the sixth sense of the Road Traffic policing expert should never be marginalised, a more scientific approach to investigating road traffic collisions has now very much become embedded in the modern post serious road traffic collision (RTC) reaction.
Reflecting this, the current parlance has changed too.  No longer are terms such as Road Traffic Accident, Crash or Accident Investigation in use.  The suggestion is that no circumstance can be an accident since there has to be some form of causal factor.  Consequently an incident resulting in the departure of a road vehicle from it’s intended path or the coming together of two road users, be they vehicles or vehicle and pedestrian, is now referred to as a collision and as such investigated by a Collision Investigator.
The origins of Road Traffic Collision Investigation can be traced back to the early 1980’s in British road traffic policing. Police forces would often take their most experienced traffic officers and train them in the basics of physics required to determine critical speeds (how fast you can corner without departing stage left) and momentum exchange (how fast you had to hit another vehicle in order to move it a set distance like a Newton’s cradle.)
Many of these pioneers of Road Traffic Collision Investigation are now retired having gained a lifetime of expertise and numerous CI qualifications along the way.  Their knowledge is incomparable in the road traffic legal arena as expert witnesses.  Fortunately Wayman only uses associates from this background enabling us to provide Collision Investigation Services of the highest quality on a National scale.

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