The Origins of Road Traffic Collision Investigation Pt 2

Having established a requirement for Forensic Analysis of collisions in the Roads Policing environment, the natural follow on was for defendants accused of criminal road traffic offences to have access to the same kind of expertise.  Naturally, a period of time passed where the only source of the kind of expert witness required was in academia since those officers trained in Accident Investigation (as it was then termed) still had some time to go before they were due to retire.
In the early nineties some of those officers trained in collision investigation started to reach retirement age.  Amongst them, the founder and now CEO of Wayman Consultancy, Len Wayman.  Having spent the majority of his police service as a traffic officer, Len was well placed to train as a collision investigator.  Consequently, as one of the first officers in the country to attain this skill, he was also one of the first to establish a consultancy providing the benefits of his years of experience to the legal community as an expert witness.
From this point onwards the type of expert available split into two distinct groups, those being the academically based and the experience based investigators.  As time has passed each group has learnt from each other with the distinctions between them starting to diminish.  Many Collision Investigators now study a degree in the subject. There does however remain one clear difference and that is the natural performance of the ex Traffic Officer in the witness box.  These experts have cut there teeth on dealing with intense questioning of their subject matter and have got to the stage where they relish the challenge.
Wayman’s policy is to only provide experts from this background.  We insist on providing a service of the highest quality from instruction to completion in court.  We still insist that our reports are validated in the same way that a Police Collision Investigation unit would do.  We are able to do this by being large enough to have an identified hierarchy where the most experienced Principal Consultants quote and validate all work, including eachothers.  This professional standard enables Wayman to maintain the utmost quality and focus on the best possible customer experience.

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